The Pagan Librarian

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Physical Pagan Libraries

I noticed that a search for "pagan library" provides mostly booklists and bibliographies--there are very few physical Pagan libraries that I have been able to find.

I stumbled upon the New Alexandria Library and Resource Center, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Their website seems to show their latest activity in January of 2004. I'll see if these folks are still going.

I know that my own chuch, Church of the Spiral Tree, has its own Pagan Library. They offer services to all church members, and have quite an eclectic collection, based on the donations of church members.

The Lancaster University Pagan Society has its own library as well, available to members.

PagaNet, Inc., located in Virginia has a library available to sponsors. You can view their catalog here.

If you know of any other physical library collections by or for Pagans, please let me know!

Academic Study of Paganism

The call for papers is out for the Conference on Contemporary Pagan Studies, so send in your proposals. In addition, this year the AAR has a Contemporary Pagan Studies Consulatation, so you have twice the oportunities to get your proposal approved!

The Pagan Leadership Conference has a track for librarians, in case your interested. Those of you familiar with the Pagan Library Guild will recognize some of the same names.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pagan Library Guild

What better way to start out a blog on Paganism and Librarianship than to see what others have already done? A quick google for "pagan librarian" finds:

The Pagan Library Guild, an organization for Pagan Librarians based out of Washington, DC., USA.

The Pagan Library, which appears to be a general online hangout for Pagans.

Beyond these two, it's pretty much random websites with a few Pagan librarians dispersed throughout.

I hope to hear some interesting stories from folks about being Pagan in libraries, researching Paganisms, and other interesting anectodes about how these two aspects of our lives interact.