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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Response from a Pagan Librarian Guild officer...

The Pagan Librarian asked: I know that since I'm physically removed from the PLG, there's not a lot I can do at this point...but any thoughts for Pagan 'Brarians further removed from the DC crowd?

OF COURSE! There's plenty to be done to help get this Pagan Librarian movement moving.

1) Joining and supporting PLG: The Pagan Library Guild is not just a mid-atlantic regional thing. We have a national and international focus, and that will become more and more apparent as time goes by. The main reason why we've been growing locally, is because that's where we've been working diligently to get these Pagan Libraries built up, and also where we have professional infrastructure to support them. By joining PLG, your membership will help projects like the Pagan Union Catalog Kiosk, and maintaining the website, which will only grow in functionality.

2) Network locally: Go to your local Pagan Prides, and get the word out there that Pagan Librarians and Pagan Libraries are organizing professionally. Find out if local covens / groves / moots, etc. have collections, and what they're doing with them. Help encourage them to bring professional attention to their collection, and operate their small library as the big libraries do.

3) Make yourself and your skills known: This is similar to networking, but different. If you are a professional librarian, volunteer your time to help get local collections built up and organized properly. Get the word out that you have a specialty and people will contact you.

4) Encourage professionalism: Especially for larger organizations, encourage them to have a professional look at it, and put it together in a way that makes it even more valuable for them. Proper organization, evaluation for holes, creating a collection development policy, discussing budgeting, etc; all of these topics will help these Pagan organizations realize that running a library is a professional service, that requires hard work, proper training, dedication, long term planning and a bit of business sense. If they're already running the rest of their organization with those qualities, carrying them over to the library will be an easy sell. If not, this may help them realize that those sorts of qualities could be valuable in other ways to their group.

5) Encourage cooperation: The creation of the Pagan Library Guild was to meet a need that we saw coming at the Mid-Atlantic Pagan Leadership Conference nearly 3 years ago. Library work is a daunting business, but when working cooperatively and collaboratively, that burden is eased a great deal. By encouraging borrowing among specialty collections, and shared workload in things like cataloging and other types of processing you can drastically reduce the amount of work that each library needs to do. That's always a big selling point.

That's just the stuff I can rattle off the top of my head, but those are the main points.


  • Is this group still active? It's May 2011 and I don't see anythig since 2005! I hope everyone hasn't gone into hiding or has been hung..
    I'm hoping there's some "alternatve religions" around this desolate area-especially Pagans and Wiccans, or I'll go nuts!

    By Blogger mf, at 6:37 PM  

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