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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Eponian Collection

I apologize for not updating this in so long, but I have had good reason...

I received a large collection of documents, annuals and periodicals from the High Priestess Epona, the matriarch of our tradition. They fill a total of 18 standard archival boxes, and three oversized boxes--a lot of material. For the past few months I have been cleaning and preserving these documents. Some of them include original correspondence between various Pagan/New Age groups and our tradition's founders.

Currently this material is on deposit at my library's archives. This means that Epona still retains ownership of the documents, but they're now housed under archival conditions (proper temperature, humidity & light control), which they weren't getting in her house!

I must say that I have stumbled upon some information gold while sifting through all the documents, and look forward to getting them cataloged for everyone to see! This will take several years to do, but I believe it to be well worth it.


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