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Friday, August 26, 2005

Preserving our past

A big "thank you" to Chas for donating some of his rare Pagan magazines to the American Religions Collection. Magazines offer us a glimpse into Paganism's past. Articles offer great information, and yet even tidbits such as advertisements, personals and other end matter often let us know what was happening in the Pagan community at that point in time. Coupled with other printed matter from the time (books, letters, etc.), we get a rich view of the Pagan community.

I have begun the offical processing of the Eponian collection, and will be doing so in the upcoming months (in my spare time). I hope to have a searchable pathfinder in the future, to be placed on the Valdosta State University Archives page, alongside other Pagan items such as the Babylonian clay tablets.


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